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Member Resources

Member Resources

NGC is here to help make your club successful in every endeavor. Need more assistance? Contact

Parliamentary Authority - Organizational Documents - This video covers the basics of bylaws, standing rules, polices, procedures, custom, quorum, and parliamentary authority like Robert's Rules. This is a great primer for organizing your club's business or creating a new club. View the Parliamentary Basics presentation here.

Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings - In this video, NGC Parliamentarian Patty Arndt and NGC Leadership Chairman Robin Pokorski present the key elements of parliamentary procedures for meetings including credentials, how to make a motion, handle, table, or postpone a motion, how to establish a quorum, how to record minutes of motions, and the role of the parliamentarian. View the Parliamentary Procedure presentation here. 

A Guide for Club Presidents - This leadership booklet is chock full of helpful information for every club officer, including sample templates of agendas, minutes, budgets, 501(c)(3) information, membership ideas, and much more.

8 Steps to Success - How to create a successful project in eight simple steps. (4 minutes)

NGC Sponsored Grants & Success Stories 

This video introduces you to the Ames Tool grant and the Espoma Fertilizer grants with success stories from club who have used them to help their communities thrive. 



NGC Grants Part 2: Introduction to three NGC grant programs for members
1. $5000 Natural Disaster Grant - for restoration after a weather event
2. $500 Native Plant/Wildflower Education Grant - to teach communities about the importance of native plants and wildflowers
3. $200 Youth Pollinator Grant - to teach children how to plan and plant for pollinators



Membership Monday: Gardening School - NGC Gardening School consists of a series of four courses, scheduled over two days of instruction, followed by an exam for those interested in becoming a NGC Accredited Gardening Consultant.

This video provides an overview of the school with interviews of instructors, school chairmen, students, and consultants so that you can decide if this path is right for you.



Membership Monday: Flower Show School - This video provides all of the information about NGC's Flower Show School and interviews the NGC chairperson, new flower show judges, and state chairmen who have hosted schools. If you're considering Flower Show School, this should answer all of your questions.


Membership Monday: Landscape Design School


For more educational videos, drop into our Video Cafe

To explore NGC publications with news and educational information for adults and children about gardening, floral design, landscaping and environmental responsibility visit our Publications page.

Explore NGC publications with news and educational information for adults and children about gardening, floral design, landscaping and environmental responsibility.

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An overview on NGC's Flower Shows.

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Annual Conventions

The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, WV

May 2-4, 2023

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June 2-5, 2024   The Westin Westminster, Denver, Colorado

May 19-23, 2025 – Omaha, NE

Annual Fall Board Meetings

September 21, 2023 Fall Board Meeting, Virtual

September 2024 Fall Board Meeting, Virtual

Club Finder Update Requests

Use this form to add your garden club or update your club information for the NGC online Club Finder. For fields that are not required, enter only the information you wish to have displayed online. Once submitted, your club information will be updated through NGC Headquarters to appear in Club Finder searches.If you wish to add your club or update club information on our search feature, please do so through .

Blog Article Submissions

To submit content for consideration as a blog article on the NGC website, please upload your content and photos using this blog submission form. The blog coordinator reviews and may edit submissions prior to publication. Please review blog guidelines prior to submission.

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