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Awards and Grants

What's the Difference? Awards are a way to recognize the contributions that garden club members have made to their communities.  Grants are support for planned projects - sometimes monetary and sometimes helpful products.

How to Apply?

Select the right award to recognize your member, project or organization

Awards - Recognize Members and Projects Deserving of Our Appreciation

National Garden Club Awards provide a way to recognize and reward the work of our members, clubs and organizations which provide support to meet our goals.  Don't pass up this opportunity!  

Grants - Consider applying for a Grant in Support of your Project

National Garden Clubs strives to assist you in projects that support our mission.  Take the opportunity to apply for a monetary grant from NGC or supplies from organizations that support out mission.  Explore the possibilities for your club.

Plant America

Plant America Community Project Grant

Support for the activities of our member clubs by providing funding for new or existing projects in our communities.

Plant America Grant
Gardening Tools

Ames Tools Grant

Apply for tools, including children's tools and lightweight tools, for use in your community garden projects.

Ames Tools Grant
NGC Grant - National Disaster

Natural Disaster Grant

Funds are available for local and state clubs for trees and plantings used in restoration projects after national disasters.

Natural Disaster Grant
Purple Violet

Native Plant and Wildflower Education Grant

Funds available to be used for direct expenses for an educational program, symposium or workshop.

Wildflower Education Grant
Hummingbird gathering nectar from a red lobelia plant

Youth Pollinator Gardens Grants

Garden clubs working with youth clubs or groups planning and planting Pollinator Gardens - funds for projects that include educational materials

Youth Pollinator Gardens Grant
Grant - Espoma Logo

Espoma Products Grant

Request Espoma organic plant foods and potting soils for your community project.

Espoma Grant