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Gardening School

Helping attendees become accomplished horticulturists, Gardening Schools provide educational information to those who are especially interested in gardening, horticulture and related subjects.

Gardening School

Become an NGC Gardening Consultant

Gardening School consists of a series of four courses, scheduled over two days of instruction, followed by a exam for those interested in becoming a NGC accredited Gardening Consultant. Courses cover all aspects of horticulture: gardening, understanding soil structure, pruning techniques, identifying plants, etc. Topics include basic botany, soils, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, lawns, pests, plant diseases, plant classification and selected subjects of local interest. Additional topics may include reconciliation ecology and creating backyard habitats to help endangered species such as pollinators and amphibians as well as working with youth. 

See the guide for Students and Consultants

What is a Gardening School?

Gardening School courses, primarily intended for garden club members, are open to the public. Organizers charge a nominal fee for attending each course. Member clubs, groups of clubs, Districts and State Garden Clubs may sponsor courses. Garden club members completing the series of four courses and passing exams gain the designation of NGC Gardening Consultant. Other attendees may attain Consultant status by joining a garden club during the school series or shortly after completion.

In planning, promoting and publicizing Gardening Schools, organizers may consider the theme for the 2019-2021 NGC administration, Plant America, with its focus on gardens and gardening. Plant America is a description of what NGC garden clubs do as well as a command to service. During Gardening School, participants learn all aspects of Planting America. They receive information and skills for club, district or state projects that may apply to Plant America Community Project Grants.

For more information, please contact Sarah McReynolds, Gardening School Chairman.

See the NGC Schools Handbook and all related forms on the SCHOOLS RESOURCES page. 

Gardening School

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What Will I Learn?


Do you grow perennials, annuals, vegetables, fruits, houseplants or herbs? Gardening School teaches you about all of these plants and more. Here is a sample of a botany lecture.

Soils Presentation

Pests and Diseases

Ever wonder why your plant is not flourishing? It could be an insect invasion or an infection, learn more at Gardening School. 



Love the look of an English Cottage Garden? What about a shade garden or a native plant area? Gardening School discusses all of these and more styles of gardens. 

Reconciliation Ecology Presentation


Course 1 - Botany, Soils, Techniques for Growing Outdoor Flowers, Plant Propagation

Course 2 – Plant Diseases and Garden  Pests, Irrigation and Water, Lawn Alternatives and Growing Grass, Growing  Fruits and  Growing  Vegetables

Course 3 – Factors that influence Plant Growth, New Plant Development and Evaluation, Container Gardening – Outdoor, Houseplant Basics, Native Trees and Shrubs, Teaching Tour of a Botanical Garden

Course 4 – Plant Classification and Nomenclature, Outdoor Identification of Plants, Specialized Garden Styles, Techniques of Growing Woody Ornaments, Pruning Techniques

Find a Gardening School

Interested in attending a Gardening School near you or across the country? Treat yourself to more gardening knowledge, have fun, and meet fellow gardeners.