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Flower Show School

Flower Show School

Become a Flower Show School Judge

Flower Show School is a comprehensive program that teaches all you need to know about judging, entering, competing and chairing an NGC flower show. There are four courses each generally scheduled over a two to three day period and each with a specific curriculum that includes horticulture, design and flower show procedure. If you are considering becoming a flower show judge, planning to chair a flower show, or you are just curious, your first step is to attend Course I. Subjects are taught by qualified instructors and outlines are provided.

Examples of horticulture and design are displayed and critiqued. Learn point scoring to evaluate how entries are judged and see what it takes to get the blue ribbon. Learn about awards, types of shows and what committees are needed to produce a show. We invite you to join this unique experience and become an active part of flower shows. See the NGC Handbook for Flower Shows and all related forms on the Flower Show School Resources page.

What will I learn?

Horticulture Curriculum

Although the definition of Horticulture is the art and science of cultivating plants, so much more is taught in Flower Show Schools. Discover how to select, groom and exhibit your plant while mastering the art of writing a flower show schedule. Be the envy of your neighborhood by using the knowledge gained in flower show school to enhance your flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables.


Design Curriculum

Instruction in the Design portion of a Flower Show School prepares the student to judge Flower Show exhibits, write Design Division Sections and Classes for a Flower Show Schedule, and to use the verbiage that pertains to the Principles and Elements of Design. Each course has a specific curriculum designed to give the student tools needed to effectively and equitably judge designs ranging from Traditional to Creative and from Tables to Exploration/Freedom of Expression.


Flower Show Procedure

Those interested in becoming a flower show judge or hosting a flower show gain knowledge of the procedures required for flower shows of all types. Attendees learn about flower show awards, show requisites and different types of shows. The NGC Handbook for Flower Shows provides guidelines for the successful planning, executing and judging of a flower show.

NGC Handbook for Flower Shows

See more details about course curricula HERE.

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An Introductory course which includes an Introduction to the Handbook for Flower Shows, flower show basics, discussions of growing and showing two Horticulture types with emphasis on exhibiting and judging using point-scoring. Instructor's designs illustrate Principles and Elements of Design and include Traditional designs: Line, Line-Mass and Mass. For more information on Course 1 curriculum click here.

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Presents photography in the Botanical Arts division, Petite designs and horticulture, and Table designs. Examples provided and critiqued using the Principles and Elements of Design. Two horticulture types are studied and point scored as well as a review of judging vocabulary. Types of innovative staging for horticulture are reviewed. The Elfin Award in Petite Horticulture and Table Design Awards are explained in detail. The duties of the Flower show committees are reviewed along with Standard and Specialty Flower Show requirements. For more information on Course 2 Curriculum click here.

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In this course we explore the Education Division and Youth and Sponsored Groups. Judging etiquette/ethics are reviewed.4 4 Horticulture goes into the details of Combination Plantings along with one specific horticulture type with examples provided and point scored. Several types of Creative Designs are featured and point scored along with commenting vocabulary. For more information on Course 3 Curriculum click here.

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The last class in the series, course 4 discusses the Flower Show Schedule writing assignment, writing a schedule with the emphasis on format and general rules and how to evaluate flower shows. This course explores Abstract Design including plastic organization and dynamic balance. The introduction of Collections and Displays, discussion of Botanical Arts Horticulture and Design sections, Club Competition, and Gardens are the focus of this course. For more information on Course 4 Curriculum click here.

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A Fresh Look at Flower Shows

A mentoring Program guided by Judges Councils:

Contact your State Judges Council Chairman

What People Are Saying About Flower Show School

"An organized and enthusiastic instructor sets the tone for the day. Sharing and learning with other garden club members made the experience special. Creating new friendships."


"The instructor provided well-organized outlines and answered numerous questions in a friendly manner. The designs created by the instructor were exceptional and the discussion led by the instructor was stimulating with a touch of humor added. There was a lot of material to cover in a short time period. Having the study materials in advance was helpful."

"Excellent designs and horticulture specimens were provided by the committee for the point scoring practice sessions. The extensive knowledge of the instructor in the horticulture topics taught was amazing. Sharing of knowledge was the best part of the whole school."

For more information on Flower Show Schools, please contact Jan Warshauer, Flower Show Schools Chairman.