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Officers and Directors

Meet NGC's 2019-2021 Officers and Directors

Executive Committee- Elected and Appointed Officers
Honorary Life President: Deen Day Sanders
Gay Austin   President
   Gay Austin
Mary Warshauer   First Vice President
   Mary Warshauer
Brenda Moore   Second Vice President
   Brenda Moore
Donna Rouch   Third Vice President
   Donna Rouch


Administration Theme and Project

The theme for the 2019-2021 administration is Plant America. President Gay Austin's two year administration project focuses on the Plant America Community Grants.

Recording Secretary
Donna Donnelly
Lynette Jeffres
Corresponding Secretary
Bonnie Borne
Andrea LIttle
Joan H. Corbisiero, PRP
PH&E Director
Nancy Hargroves


Regional Directors / Scholarship Committee

New England
Suzanne Bushnell
Central Atlantic
Gail Corle
South Atlantic
Patricia Arndt
Deep South
Lena Bateman
Jodi Meyer
South Central
Linda Lawson
Rocky Mountain
Darla Anderson
Robin Pokorski