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NGC State Presidents

Welcome from Mary Warshauer

2019-2021 First Vice President

2019-2021 Liaison to State Presidents

Congratulations to all of you and welcome to the NGC Board of Directors. This is both an exciting and busy time serving as the President of your State Garden Club. Thank you for your willingness to accept this position and promote the goals and objectives of National Garden Clubs Inc.

NGC President Gay Austin will continue the Plant America initiative with an emphasis on conservation and preservation of natural habitats. Plant America grants will be offered and awarded for new and continuing projects.

As State President, you set the tone and direction of your own initiatives and special projects. You are your Garden’s Club leader and role model! The purpose of the NGC website State President’s page is not only to provide resources to help guide you in NGC activities, but also to aid you in your state leadership role. NGC will update the information on this page so that it is available as a source to assist you. NGC is honored to have you all as a part of our team!

The NGC First Vice-President, as the Liaison to the State Presidents, is your direct contact for information and guidance. The NGC Officers and the NGC Headquarters Staff Members in St. Louis, MO are all willing to answer questions and to help in any way they can.


For more information, contact Mary Warshauer | 2019-2021 First Vice President and Liaison to State Presidents