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NGC Awards

Congratulations to all 2023 Award Winners! 

See the 2023 Top Award Winners here!

COMING SOON: A video presentation of all award winners. Watch for an announcement on the NGC Facebook page!

Objective of NGC Awards

Individual members, clubs, groups of clubs, states and regions all work together to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility, fulfilling the mission of National Garden Clubs, Inc. The NGC Awards Program recognizes the time, effort, and resources expended by each throughout the year. To each entity we extend our sincere thanks for all that you do. We hope that you will take a bit of time along the way to submit awards applications for the many good works you accomplish so that you can be recognized and provide inspiration to others.

The NGC Awards Handbook: Go Green - Plant America Awards 2023-2025

Download the Awards Handbook here!

Applying for Awards

  • Awards year is January 1 – December 31.
  • Awards are open to NGC Members and Affiliates with the exception of the Award of Excellence for Non-Members and High School Distinguished Service Project
  • All applications must include NGC Application Cover Sheet.
  • All applications should be sent electronically.
  • PDF is the preferred format; WORD is accepted.
  • No application will be returned.
  • Do not submit an exact duplicate application for more than one award.
  • General Scoring Rubric will be used for scoring unless otherwise indicated in award description.
  • Certificates to be awarded are:
  1. Certificate of Merit – overall winner of each award
  2. Certificate of Commendation – runners up
  3. Certificate of Appreciation – other award submissions received by NGC



Award Size Groups:


     1-20 Members
     1-55 Clubs
     21-50 Members
     56-149 Clubs
     51+ Members
     150+ Clubs
*Find details about award categories, eligibility and forms by clicking the links in bold text below.
Award Category Awards Included

Eligibility & Exceptions




CE 1 Community Gardens


CE 2 Permanent Community Improvements


CE 3 Food Bank Donations


CE 4 Roadside Plantings


CE 5 Beautification Project


CE 6 Community Project with Native Plants/Wildflowers


CE 7 Blue Star/Gold Star Marker Landscaping


CE 8 Landscaping of Public or Religious Grounds


CE 9 Landscaping of Historic Areas

CE Eligibility & Requirements



General Scoring Rubric


CE 3 Specific Scoring Rubric





EC 1 Conservation Activities


EC 2 Conservation Education


EC 3 Wildlife Survival


EC 4 Water


EC 5 Native Plants & Wildflowers


EC 6 Organic Practices

EC Eligibility & Requirements



General Scoring Rubric


EC 3 Specific Scoring Rubric



FD 1 Calendar Arranger of the Year


FD 2 Floral Design Program

FD Eligibility & Requirements


FD 1 Includes International Affiliates (see COMAAI website)


FD 1 Due Date is July 1

FD 1 Vision of Beauty Entry Form

FD 2 Application


FD 2 Specific Scoring Rubric



FS 1 Club Standard Show


FS 2 Holiday Standard Show


FS 3 Patriotic Standard Show


FS 4 Petite Standard Show


FS 5 Club Small Standard Show


FS 6 Holiday Small Standard Show


FS 7 Patriotic Small Standard Show


FS 8 Petite Small Standard Show


FS 9 Near-Club Standard Show


FS 10 Council Standard Show


FS 11 District/Region Standard Show


FS 12 State Flower Show


FS 13 Youth Flower Show


FS 14 Plant Society Show


FS 15 Horticulture Specialty Show


FS 16 Design Specialty Show


FS Eligibility & Requirements


FS 2, 4, 8, 16 Include International Affiliates (see COMAAI website)


All FS Due Dates are January 15

Flower Show Achievement Award Application


FS Achievement Award Show Data


FS Scale of Points for Judges


FS Achievement Award Evaluation


Design Specialty Show Evaluation


Horticulture Specialty Show Evaluation


Standard & Small- Standard Evaluation


Award Application Details


Book of Evidence Sample




G1 Container Gardening


G2 Edible Gardening


G3 Therapy Gardens


G4 Public Wildlife Gardens

G Eligibility & Requirements


G1, 2 Include International Affiliates (see COMAAI website)



General Scoring Rubric


G1 Specific Scoring Rubric


G2 Specific Scoring Rubric


G4 Specific Scoring Rubric



MAE 1 Membership Awareness


MAE 2 Social Media/Website


MAE 3 Digital Media Presentation


MAE 4 Publications


MAE 5 National Garden Week


MAE 6 Membership Increase


MAE 7 Life Memberships

MAE Eligibility & Requirements


MAE 4 Includes International Affiliates (see COMAAI website)


MAE 6 and MAE 7- No Application



General Scoring Rubric


MAE 1 Specific Scoring Rubric


MAE 2 Specific Scoring Rubric


MAE 3 Specific Scoring Rubric


MAE 4 Specific Scoring Rubric



SR 1 Award of Excellence for Non-Members


SR 2 Award of Excellence for States


SR 3 Award of Excellence for Regions


SR 4 Member Award of Honor


SR 5 Citation for Distinguished Service


SR 6 Presidential Citation


SR 7 NGC Award for Major Non-Standard Flower Shows

SR Eligibility & Requirements


SR1 Non- Member Award


SR 1, 2, 3 Due Date is January 1


SR 4 Due Date is February 20


SR 7 Request 6 months prior to Show

SR 1, 2 and 3 Application


SR 4 Application


SR 1 Scale of Points


SR 2 Scale of Points


SR 3 Scale of Points




YW 1 Youth Garden Club Outstanding Sponsor


YW 2 Horticulture Activity for Youth Garden Club


YW 3 Outdoor Planting with Youth Garden Club


YW 4 Environmental Activity with Youth Garden Club


YW 5 Junior Garden Club Wildlife Gardening Education Project


YW 6 High School Garden Club Outstanding Sponsor


YW 7 High School Distinguished Service Project


YW 8 Horticulture Education for Youth


YW 9 Environmental Education Project with Youth


YW 10 Individual Outstanding Service to Youth

YW Eligibility & Requirements


YW 7 Non- Member Award



General Scoring Rubric


YW 5 Specific Scoring Rubric

State & Regional Chairmen

Important Details for Chairmen

Report Form

How to Sponsor an Award

Any state, club, or individual desiring to sponsor the monetary portion of an available award must fill out the Award Sponsorship Agreement Form.  If you have questions regarding award sponsorships, please contact NGC Awards Vice-Chairman, Leila Johnson.


Creating an Award Winning Application

For questions or more information contact:

NGC Awards Chairman Diane Harbin
or NGC Awards Co-Chairman Marilyn McDonnell