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Flower Show School Courses


National Garden Club School courses are open to everyone. Garden Club members may take courses for credit to become an Environmental, Gardening or Landscape Design Consultant or a Flower Show Judge. Consultants and Judges may also refresh their accreditation with course attendance. Master Gardener Volunteers often take courses to gain needed continuing education credits. All are welcome to attend for the joy of learning.

Flower Show School

Flower Show School is a comprehensive program that teaches all you need to know about judging, entering, competing and chairing a NGC flower show. Please see the Flower Show School page for more information.

date Mar 16 - Mar 17, 2021 Little Rock, AR
Register: Glenda Tolson 870-357-2039
FSP & Horticulture : Sue Kirkman

Orchids & Daffodils

Design : Frances Thrash

Traditional Design

date May 11 - May 14, 2021 Hamilton, OH
Register: Deborah Wyght 513-871-1997
Design & FSP : Lynn Fronk
Horticulture : Sue Kirkman

Begonias (container grown) and Iris (cut)

date Sep 28 - Oct 01, 2020 Bowie, MD
Register: Susie Middleton 410-228-5756
Horticulture : Darlene Newell

Container-grown: Echeveria

Cut Specimen: Chrysanthemum

FSP & Design : Frances Thrash

Creative Design

date Mar 14 - Mar 17, 2021 Winston Salem, NC
Register: Trish Sumners 336-945-4433
FSP & Horticulture : David Robson

Arboreal- Holly

Cut Specimens- Hellebores

Design : Julia Clevett
date Mar 28 - Mar 30, 2021 College Park, MD
Register: Poss Tarpley 703-660-8661
FSP & Horticulture : Dorthy Yard

Woody Perennials (Arboreal)

Major Spring Bulbs (Cut)

Design : Jackie Davies

Creative Design

date Jun 04 - Jun 06, 2021 Columbia, MO
Register: Marie Pasley 573-474-5245
Horticulture : Sue Kirkman

Hosta and St. Paulia (African Violets)

FSP & Design : Jo Krallman

Creative Design

date Sep 20 - Sep 22, 2020 College Park, MD
Register: Poss Tarpley 703-660-8661
FSP & Horticulture : Dale DeFeo

Container-grown: Streptocarpus (African Violet); Cut Specimen: Chrysanthemum

Design : Frances Thrash

Advanced Designs

date Nov 18 - Nov 21, 2020 Knoxville, TN
Register: Connie Wallace 865-803-5734
FSP & Horticulture : Sue Kirkman

Container-grown: Tillandsia; Ilex

Design : Cathy Waitinas

Advanced Design Types

date Mar 21 - Mar 24, 2021 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Register: Joanne Nelson 954-786-3274
FSP & Design : Janice Hamlin

Design Point Scoring

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Horticulture Point Scoring

Croton, Aglaonema

date Oct 22 - Oct 24, 2021 Columbia, MO
Register: Marie Pasley 573-474-5245
FSP & Horticulture : David Robson
Design : Madelyn Hucker

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