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Multiple Refreshers Courses


National Garden Club School Courses, Refreshers and Symposiums are open to everyone. Garden Club members may take Environmental (ES), Gardening (GS) and Landscape Design (LDS) Courses for credit to become an Environmental, Gardening, or Landscape Design Consultant. Flower Show School Courses provide the opportunity to learn what judges consider when evaluating floral designs and/or horticulture or to be a Flower Show Judge. ES, GS and/or LDS Consultants may maintain their accreditation by attending a ES, GS, or LDS Course in which they are currently a Consultant. ES, GS and LDS Consultants are required to take a Refresher every five years to maintain “Good Standing”. They may earn a Refresher Credit once in a calendar year in the School in which they are a Consultant. Flower Show Judges are required to attend Flower Show School Symposiums once every three years in addition to attaining exhibiting and judging credits. Master Gardener Volunteers often take courses to gain needed continuing education credits. All are welcome to attend for the joy of learning.

Multiple Refreshers

Multiple Refreshers provide new information on environmental issues, gardening and landscape design. Open to all, Multiple Refreshers provide NGC accredited Environmental, Gardening and Landscape Design Consultants the opportunity to maintain their consultant status. Visit the Multiple Refreshers page for more information.

None Scheduled
date Jun 06 - Jun 08, 2023 Gainesville, FL ( In-Person Classroom)
Register: Carol Binello 352-215-9190
Tri-Refresher :

Multiple Refresher in Environmental, Gardening, & Landscape Design Schools. At University of Florida.

None Scheduled
date Oct 24 - Oct 26, 2023 Corning, NY
Register: Victoria Bellias 631-553-5881
Tri-Refresher :

Multiple Refresher in Environmental, Gardening, & Landscape Design Schools. At CAR-SGC Conference 2023 in Corning, NY.

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