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One of the 2023-2025 administration President’s projects is a campaign to help feed the hungry across America.  Called Plant America-Feed America the project will encourage every NGC member to participate in one of several ways to help fight food insecurity.

Fighting chronic hunger in America is an ongoing problem.  According to latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 33.8 million people in America are food insecure – 5 million of them are children.  Whether it’s due to inflation, the after effects of the long-running Covid virus, or a financial issue, more and more families are showing up at food banks to ask for help.  Even our elderly population on a fixed income suffer from a lack of nutritious food. 

How can you help?  If you grow your own vegetable garden, fruit or other food items, we encourage you to donate some of this bounty to a local food bank or any other organization that helps fight food insecurity.  If you don’t have your own garden, then how about volunteering at a local community garden where food is donated.  This could be a town-sponsored garden, a school garden, a church garden, or any garden that supports feeding the hungry.  And if you aren’t able to work in a garden, then how about contributing financial support to groups who DO the actual work of providing fresh meals to the less fortunate or to local schools who maintain gardens to help supplement their school lunch programs.  Not only will you feel better about being part of the solution of fighting food insecurity, but it’s a chance to promote gardening to those around you! 

During the 2023-2025 term, we will be keeping a running total of how much fresh fruit, herbs, produce, etc. is being donated by our members.  We want to spotlight how the NGC is making a difference across America!  Just fill out the PLANT AMERICA-FEED AMERICA DONATION FORM, and then submit it electronically.  The form is short and the directions are easy to follow.  Some members may donate on a more frequent basis, while others may donate once or twice in a season.  Every donation counts!!  So, let’s get growing as we continue to PLANT AMERICA and FEED AMERICA too!  If you have any questions, contact Project Chairman Suzanne Bushnell.