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Peaceful Escape Right Inside The City

by Diane Harbin, Member NGC Membership CommitteePhotography by Diane Harbin
December 07, 2020

                                                       Peaceful Escape Right Inside the City

Rome, Georgia is a bustling place full of noise, stress, and constant movement, with thousands of people going about their days in the hustle and bustle of city life. Living in a place of constant motion, it is a wonderful amenity to have such a breathtaking forest such as Marshall Forest within reach.

Marshall Forest
Marshall Forest


Marshall Forest is one of the few remaining “old-growth forests," and the only one within city limits in the USA (Marshall Forest - Guide to Rome, Georgia). It is a stunning location that lets one really experience nature in all its glory. Having numerous walking paths for multiple groups of people, and hundreds of different species of plants to view along these paths, the lush greenery and gentle climb of the paths will make for a relaxing and peaceful trip for anyone wanting to get away from the rush of life in a big city. Viewers seeking a more unique experience are in luck as well, since Marshall Forest contains the largest population of the endangered Large-Flowered Skullcap in Georgia, and the second largest in the country. Marshall Forest is also filled with more than 50 different species of trees and has plenty of animals indigenous to the area to call those trees and woods their home. If this amazing forest filled to bursting with beautiful plant life and plenty of wonderful creatures didn’t seem impressive enough, it was also the first Natural National Landmark in the state of Georgia. It is also remarkably well managed, for its 311-acre size, by both the Georgia Nature Conservancy and by many wonderful volunteers who love the forest for its calming atmosphere and the peaceful sights and sounds of the forest.

Whether one is looking for some time away from the stresses of city life or just wanting to take some time to enjoy the beauty and magnitude of the forest, go take a trip to Marshall Forest and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the forest creatures instead of the city!



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Diane Harbin, Member NGC Membership Committee

Photography by Diane Harbin




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