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Plant America

One By One

by Marilyn McDonald, Director Azalea District, GCG, Inc.
November 09, 2020

                                                                             ONE BY ONE

What is the significance of this theme?  Our National President Gay Austin has decided to continue the theme of “Plant America” that started with the term of our Immediate Past President Nancy Hargroves.  As I think back over the history, the trials and successes of garden club work through the years, I realize that the 12 ladies who sat together in Athens in 1891 had to “do it the hard way."  They wanted to spread their ideas far and wide.  To do that, they had to make visits and write letters—One by One. No modern technology for them!

Our garden clubs across the district, state, and nation have reached a challenging time.  The world has dramatically changed from when our founders planned and toiled in their gardens while maintaining their homes and raising their children. In today’s world, most adults find themselves in the workplace outside their homes while still maintaining their homes and raising their children. While some of this has been made easier with 20th century advancements, the time required in this 21st century to complete all of these tasks has only multiplied. The desire to create a more natural environment has heightened in recent years, but the time requirements of “life” seem to be prohibiting adults from becoming part of the garden club movement.  So how can we Plant America with less time and fewer individuals? One by One.  Plant a new member.  Plant a new project.  Plant a new club.  Plant a new seed. Plant a new relationship within your community.  Plant a new educational opportunity at a time when many in the community can participate. Plant America:  One by One.

I have issued a challenge for this term to each club and to each club member.  Find a “One." Find just one something that will enhance the world of garden club.  Commit to your One.  Do whatever it takes to accomplish that One within this term.  At the October Annual Meeting, each club will be asked to add their “One” to our display.  When that One is accomplished, let me know and you will earn a gold star on our display.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a gold star beside each club when we meet again in October 2020?  

Each member should also commit to a “One” within their club.  Let your club president know when you have met your personal goal.  Club presidents should keep track of the number of their members who reach their goals.  

One by One, the Azalea District will strengthen garden club ideals and work so that our clubs grow and prosper, our communities benefit from our projects, and our legacy of good works moves with vigor to the next generation.


Marilyn McDonnell, Director Azalea District, GCG, Inc.

Photography by Victoria Bergesen








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