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Memories from Former Essay Winner, Kiana Mata

by Diane Harbin, Member NGC Membership Committee
March 29, 2021

                                                                    MEMORIES FROM GCG, INC.

                                                 DSGC FORMER HIGH SCHOOL ESSAY WINNER,

                                                                               KIANA MATA 

Award Kiann Mata

As a former 2016 winner of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. and Deep South Garden Club's NGC high school essay contest, I can truthfully admit that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. In addition to winning first and second place in the GCG and DSGC respectively, I was asked by family and my mentor, Diane Harbin, to attend GCG youth workshop Amicalola Falls in June and GCG district awards workshops throughout the summer, and of course, I excitedly accepted my invitation. Throughout the trip, I was able to immerse myself within the garden club community and bask in the knowledge they shared. Toward the end of our trip, I was even given the opportunity to share my  essay with all seven districts in Georgia, as well as with 2016 NGC president, Sandy Robinson! Although nerve-racking at first, it truly was an honor to stand before those I thought very highly of, for they were and still are the means to preserving and cultivating nature.

I look back at this experience constantly and I am truly grateful that I decided to seize the opportunity to enter this contest. It was because of my essay, Don't Let The Frogs Croak, that I had the chance to network and establish friendships with individuals from all over the state of Georgia. This experience enhanced my knowledge on effective gardening, preserving nature, and arguably the most important for current times, taking the time to observe the beauty of my surroundings. I wholeheartedly encourage other young adolescents to enter this contest because the experiences, the memories, the knowledge and the friendships that you could potentially gain are hard to come by and as a junior in college, it took me quite a while to realize just how important connections, such as those, actually are.

I wholeheartedly encourage young adolescents to enter the 2020-2021 “Adapting our Actions to Protect our Natural Habitat” essay contest! Through the research they gather, it will allow them to become more aware of their natural surroundings and it could potentially provide experiences, memories, knowledge and friendships that are like no other!

Diane Harbin, Member NGC Membership Committee  


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