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Importance Of National Garden Clubs, Inc. Schools

by Idalia Aguilar, International Liaison NGC Schools
September 28, 2020


Garden Club members attending the four NGC Schools rapidly learn the importance of organizing Flower Shows, for these public events offer opportunities to exhibit their cultivating abilities, express their floral creativity and promote conservation.  NGC Schools provide the necessary tools of knowledge to prepare our members for playing important roles in other groups or plant associations.  This is the case of Garden Club Flor Peru that annually support the organization of Lima’s Orchid Show.

Design flowers adorning hats from peru


Design flowers from Peru

This year’s Orchid Show “Peru and its Orchids” was a shared endeavor of Peru Orchid Society, Flor Peru Garden Club and local commercial growers. The show is an opportunity to exhibit plants, and floral designs.  In addition, having the local commercial growers as part of the team, it also has a sales area where new species are introduced, expert advice is available and orchid products are sold.  The event has become a platform that inspires and involves the public in protecting the habitat of Peru’s native Orchids from wholesale destruction or commercial deforestation. If you are also interested in protecting your native orchids contact the Orchid Conservation Coalition (OCC)  an organization that helps to protect native orchids by fostering propagation and the conservation of their natural habitats.

Design of orchids from peru

Included are photos of the 2019 XIII Orchid Show in Lima, sent by Flor Peru’s president Rosita Cachionne showing designs made by Flor Peru Garden Club members, commercial displays and informative educational exhibits.  After reading this Blog, perhaps you agree that NGC Schools enable our members not only to exhibit horticulture or floral designs, but also to become actively involved in the protection of the world’s native flora. 

Design of orchids from Peru

Idalia Aguilar, International Liaison NGC Schools A&M Garden Club College Station, Texas

Photography by Idalia Aguilar




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