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Botanical Arts

Botanical Arts Jewelry

by Unknown
March 19, 2020

                                                                        Botanical Arts Jewelry


Sarah Boynton is an active Master Gardener who loves to garden and be outdoors, which provide the inspiration for the botanical arts creations and traditional floral designs she exhibits at national and international flower shows, as well as in her botanical arts jewelry business. At this workshop, she will provide instruction to attendees in the process of making beautiful botanical arts jewelry.

Botanical Arts Jewelry
Sarah Boynton And One Of Her Creations


Boynton earned first place and best craft exhibit at the 2014 WAFA World Flower Show in Dublin, Ireland, as well as is the recipient of several top honors in flower shows in Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Newport, Rhode Island. She has led workshops and is a popular speaker on the on the techniques used in botanical arts, a popular division in flower shows in which items are designed and created from all dried plant material that may be artificially treated to resemble wearable jewelry in size and function. In addition, Boynton is a top lecturer on flower shows, gardening and flower arranging across the United States. Her gardens have been featured in several publications. Boynton is an active member of The Garden Club of Hingham, which is a member of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts Inc.


Article and photo reprinted with permission by The National Gardener, Winter 2020.



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