2019-2021 Stimulus Package for Small Standard Flower Shows

Encouraging Clubs to Hold Standard Flower Shows

The Flower Show Committee has prepared a stimulus package to assist garden clubs that have never held a Small Standard Flower Show or that have not held one in the last five years to consider staging one. It is also to encourage clubs that no longer have the resources to hold a Standard Flower Show to stage a Small Standard Flower Show.

The package contains a model schedule for a Small Standard Flower Show (SSFS) with choices of titles that a club may adapt to suit their needs. Other items in the package will include entry tags with information on where to order them and how to complete them and samples of appropriate awards ribbons. Any club that has never had a flower show or has not had a Small Standard Flower Show in the past five years is eligible to participate. A Certificate of Achievement, offered from June 2019 to May 2021, will be awarded to clubs that complete this new venture.

The Student Schedule Correction Committee has written the model schedule. The show title and its division headings are Gay Austin’s theme for her 2019-2021 term as forty-fifth president of National Garden Clubs, Inc. A club may alternatively choose its own theme, section and class titles in Design. The club must reproduce their selected schedule for each member and the judges and purchase the necessary ribbons and entry tags. An approved panel of NGC judges must judge the show.

Procedure: All Information May be Sent by E-mail

  • 1. The club requests a model schedule from their Regional Schedule Correction Chairman or download it from the NGC website. The club members should tailor the schedule with their choices and return the completed schedule it to their Regional Schedule Correction Chairman for approval prior to the show.
  • 2. The Regional Schedule Correction Chairman will check the schedule and return it along with a sample kit showing ribbons and an entry tags. A club must reproduce the schedule for all of its club members and the judges and purchase the appropriate awards and entry tags.
  • 3. Following the completion of the show, the club must send a copy of the schedule signed and dated by the panel of judges to their Regional Schedule Correction Chairman. No detailed Book of Evidence is required.
  • 4. A Small Flower Show Certificate of Achievement will be issued to the club.

The National Flower Show Schools Schedule Correction Committee: