Flower Show Handbook

Point Scoring Sheets

Design Point Scoring Sheets

There is now one scale of points for all designs.

Horticulture Point Scoring Sheets

Curriculum Change Effective July 1, 2011

The Flower Show School Committee feels that the more Point Scoring available, the better the judge, therefore, we propose to make Course I, the course the student will judge one class and not count; and Courses II through IV, to have two classes in Point Scoring Examination and count.  Status of student will remain as written the Handbook.

Updates to Handbook for Flower Shows 2007 Edition

Click here to download all of the changes and corrections for the 2007 Handbook for Flower Shows printed to date in The National Gardener (TNG)--download ALL of the changes in ONE file OR individually by date (all files are PDF):

* All additions concerning "troughs" were approved at the January 2011 Executive meeting and will be printed in the Spring 2011 TNG.

Plants and Their Respective Families

While most people are familiar with the binomial plant classification system that involves the Genus and species, the use of Plant Families is generally of less importance. Plants are grouped into Families based on similar flower structures.  In most cases, the need to know which plant belongs in which Family is rare. However, the introduction of the Mono-botanic Design created an interest in this level of plant classification.

To aid gardeners and designers alike, two listings are made available here. The first Plants and Their Respective Family, can be used to determine what Family a plant belongs to. With this information, one can go to the Plant Families Frequently Used in Flower Shows, and see what other plants are related. Depending on the source and who is doing the classification, some plants will be listed in more than one Family. Note that these listings are neither meant to all-inclusive. Also keep in mind that classification changes constantly including which Genera or which Family a plant is placed in.

Plant Family Listings

Download PDF files as full page size (8.5" x 11") or handbook size (5.5" x 8.5") (Revised October, 2014):

If you have any questions regarding the 2007 Flower Show Handbook, please contact:
Dot Yard, NGC Flower Show Handbook Chairman