The Saved Seed

The Saved Seed

A Journey Through a Seed's Life

The Saved Seed children's book from NGCThe Saved Seed is National Garden Club's second early reader book written to educate elementary children about the life cycle of seed plants. A North American based fall staple for thousands of years, the pumpkin is treasured in our society for being not only a food source, but a Halloween favorite! There are dozens of varieties ranging from tiny ornamental varieties, to those weighing in at over 100 pounds each!

The Saved Seed follows the journey of a smiling pumpkin seed from Halloween pumpkin through the year, becoming a seedling, a vine and then a new pumpkin! Along the way, children learn through beautiful illustrations how to care for their own pumpkin seeds and become successful pumpkin gardeners!

Children's Activities

What's Your Favorite Pumpkin Color?

Green Yellow White Red Blue Tan Orange

Which part of the pumpkin can you eat? The flowers, leaves or seeds? Answer: All three!

What is your favorite pumpkin dish?

  • Pumpkin pie?
  • Pumpkin bread?
  • Pumpkin muffins?
  • Pumpkin pancakes?
  • Pumpkin soup?
  • Pumpkin seeds?

How long can a pumpkin vine grow? Answer: up to 30 feet!

How much can a pumpkin weigh? Answer: According to Guinness World Records, the record for heaviest pumpkin was set in 2010 with a pumpkin that weighed 2,323 pounds!

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