Roadside/Public Plantings

Paving Our Roadways With Beauty

The goal of the the Roadside Planting Committee is to provide gardening information to help educate our members and the public through any or all of the NGC publications, through social media, and through examples of completed or in progress projects. We hope to inspire gardeners to start new projects, as well!

Have you ever awed over plants you've seen, especially along the roadsides? These colorful displays in roadway mediums, at major intersections, and along our highways make the drive so much more pleasant! Not only do these gardens make for a more enjoyable drive, they attract customers to local businesses and impress out-of-town visitors. It makes a beautiful difference!

NGC encourages garden clubs across America to establish and participate in roadside plantings. Find a corner, a church, a post office, entrance to a shopping area, or a roadside and make a statement. Add signage with the sponsoring club's name. Advertising doesn't hurt and may draw in new members!

Look into grants to help fund roadside gardens and public plantings. Many state governments provide funding for projects that help beautify highways or other public areas.

Funding is also available for Blue and Gold Star Memorials. It is a wonderful way for garden clubs to honor the men and women who served our country in the military.

Take the initiative and create a beautiful public garden!

For more information, or to submit pictures contact:
Mary Jacobs, Chairman: Roadside/Public Plantings