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Send a Greeting and Support the Blue Star Memorial Program

Send A Greeting Electronically and Recognize Our Servicemen's Every Sacrifice

  • Send $1.00 for each email greeting
  • Money collected will purchase Blue Star markers
  • >Each participant will be an entry for her or his state
  • The drawing will take place at the NGC Convention
  • All funds collected are spent to support Blue Star markers

The Sage and Roses program helps to support the Blue Star Memorial Program. Through Sage and Roses, you can send your NGC friends an email holiday greeting and save the cost of the card and stamp. Through this program, we usually collect enough funds to buy 2 small markers.

The Blue Star Memorial Program is the premier national project that advertises NGC's name from coast to coast. So, consider sending a greeting with Sage and Roses and be a 3 way winner: 

  • Remember your friends
  • Remind the public that NGC is a nationwide organization
  • Remember those whose sacrifices give us our many freedoms

Or, to pay by mail, send your check made out to "NGC Sage and Roses" to:

National Garden Clubs, Inc.
4401 Magnolia Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

Telephone: (314) 776-7574
Fax: (314) 776-5108

For more information, contact:
Lois Dupré Shuster,
Sage and Roses Chairman