Monarch Watch

Supporting Monarch Butterflies as Pollinators

The Monarch butterfly population is declining worldwide due to loss of habitat. One of President Sandy Robinson's focus areas for her President's Special Project is the plight of the Monarch, and a commitment to creating gardens and habitat that will help to restore their population to health. To do this, she has created four programs under the Monarch Watch banner to foster NGC support:

Join NGC and Monarch Watch to help save Monarch Butterflies Essential Pollinators for our EnvironmentGardens are necessary to the survival of butterflies as well as other pollinators. A butterfly garden can be large or small, as much as a person has room for. If space is limited, container gardening is an option. Further information on container gardening can be obtained from Container Gardening for Bees & Butterflies chairman Mary Ann Moreno. She can be reached at

Butterfly gardens should include full-sun annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. Many of these plants serve as both host plants as well as nectar plants for a wide variety of butterflies. By adding native Asclepias species or Milkweed to your garden, you invite Monarchs to complete their life cycle within the garden by laying eggs that hatch into caterpillars and to form their chrysalis within your garden.


Together we increase wildlife habitat by planting butterfly gardens and gardens for pollinators across America by adding host plants, nectar plants and Asclepias species for Monarchs. Your participation in this conservation effort is invaluable to helping both Monarch butterflies and other endemic butterfly species.

Please feel free to contact anyone on the 2015-2017 President's Projects Monarch Watch Committee for help with butterfly gardening.

Marian M. McNabb, Chairman: Monarch Watch

Arabella Dane, Monarch Watch Committee Advisor

Joanna Kirby, Chairman: NGC Monarch Watch Waystations

Mary Ann Moreno, Chairman: Container Gardening for Bees & Butterflies

Julie West, Liaison for North American Butterfly Association (NABA)

Becky Hassebroek, Chairman: Bee A Wildlife Action Hero, Garden for Wildlife

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