Leap Into Leadership

Finding and Growing Our Future Leaders

As part of President Sandy Robinson's special projects, the "Leap Into Leadership" team is focused on identifying, cultivating and creating future leaders for our clubs, states and national organization. Our objectives are to:

  • Build strong leadership
  • Secure the future of NGC
  • Mentor tomorrow’s leaders
  • Develop leadership skill sets
  • Share leadership programs

Over the next two years we will be supporting Sandy's objective by developing programs that can be used by current NGC leaders to achieve these goals. Leadership Development materials will be available for local club and state officers, leadership development workshops, and club members on the NGC website. Clubs and states are encouraged to host workshops and to promote leadership development.

NGC Leap Into Leadership: finding and growing our future leaders.Leadership Development is one of the four programs included in the "Service In Action" award, given for the most comprehensive and effective projects and programs.

Garden clubs educate, engage, challenge, and develop leaders within their membership. Those leaders then have the opportunity to contribute their talents on a larger stage through state, regional and national positions. As NGC members, we leave legacies: both in the natural world, and in the strength of the leaders we cultivate to carry our message into the future. Join us in our commitment to a strong legacy by Leaping Into Leadership!


For more information, contact:
Robin Pokorski,
Chairman: Leap Into Leadership