Program Description

National Garden Club, Inc.’s partnership with The Ames Companies, Inc. (the largest manufacturer of garden tools in the U.S.) began in 2014. The Ames Companies has generously agreed to extend its in-kind grant program for 2018. New additions on the 2018 list of tools that may be requested are from a group of tools for kids and a group of lighter weight and mid-sized tools (indicated as floral tools) which may be helpful for use in garden therapy projects.

Ames has set aside $5,000 in garden tools available for local community gardening projects during the 2018 calendar year. Local gardening projects/programs performed or supported by NGC local member clubs and scheduled to be carried out March 1 - September 30, 2018 are eligible to apply for a grant of Ames tools. Projects may be a joint venture with another organization. Awarded tools will be shipped to the successful applicant(s) on or about the Project Start Date indicated on the Application.


NGC local member clubs may apply for this in-kind grant using the Application, Ames Tool Selection List, and NGC and Ames release forms found using the links below. All applications are to be delivered to the NGC Grant Manager for The Ames Companies, Inc. Tool Grant Program, Nancy Lambert Fulk, on or before April 16, 2018 via email to Any questions may also be directed to Nancy at the same email address. The application form includes contact information of individuals who may be interviewed by Ames about their project, how specific tools are going to be used or were used, and to obtain related helpful gardening tips. When submitting an Ames Application, please attach the following completed forms:


All successful applicants must deliver a completed Final Report no later than 45 days after project completion. Please include the following. .

  • A short, 1-page report describing the project, including any special tips about how to use the Ames tools.
  • Brief final financial report showing sources and uses of funds
  • Photos which must include:
    • Photos showing the tools received from Ames being used,
    • Before and after photos of the area planted,
    • The garden in bloom, if appropriate, and
    • An executed release form and names of anyone in the photos
  • Copies of any project publicity generated by the Applicant
  • A suggested schedule for a follow-up interview about the project

For selection of the Ames Tool Grant, consideration will be given to the following:

  • Value of the project to the community
  • Level of club member participation
  • Need and planned usage of the tools requested
  • Uniqueness of the project

AMES Tools Information

To learn more about The Ames Companies, Inc. product lines, please visit their website at

An NGC local member club applying for an Ames grant may also apply for an Espoma in-kind grant and/or a Plant America grant. For details regarding these grant programs, please use the NGC website icon Projects and then select Grants, where descriptions and forms for each grant program may be found.

For more information, contact
Nancy Lambert Fulk, Chairman: AMES Garden Tools Project