Join A Garden Club

The Benefits of Belonging to a Garden Club

The rewards of joining a local club within the National Garden Clubs umbrella go far beyond the pleasures of growing things.  Becoming a member almost anywhere in the U.S. or affiliated international locations is simple and inexpensive. Yet membership opens the door for you to explore a wide range of common interests with people around the world and across the generations.

How to Join

Send us your information with our online form and we will help you locate garden clubs in your area. Or, if you already belong to a local or state garden club, then we'll help you join National Garden Clubs, Inc. our national organization. Click here for our Join a Club Online Form.

Or, if you prefer to locate garden clubs in your area, contact your state or local organization via the State Garden Club websites.

Additional information is available in our brochure Grow Your World and Green Your Community by Joining a Garden Club.

How to Start a Garden Club or Partner with Us

National Garden Clubs welcomes start-up clubs that can be tailored specifically to a group's needs and interests. NGC and its state-level organizations can help you get started and provide access to the wealth of resources and networking opportunities that our global reach offers. Click here to learn more about starting a new garden club.