Youth Awards & Grants

Recognition for Young Gardeners and the Adults Who Teach Them

  • Youth Pollinator Gardens Grant

    National Garden Clubs, Inc. is excited to announce it is continuing a grant opportunity for Garden Clubs working with youth clubs or groups planning and planting Pollinator Gardens. Grants, up to $200, are available for projects that include educational materials on the vital role pollinators play in nature and youth involvement in planning and planting gardens providing nesting and food sources for pollinators. Youth will learn the importance of providing appropriate food sources, nesting areas, shelter, and practicing sustainable gardening practices for pollinators by planning, planting, and maintaining these pollinator gardens.

    To apply for a grant, complete an NGC Grant Application, provide detailed information about the project, and submit your request to the NGC Youth Committee Chairman for approval. (Tricia Mitchell)

  • The Augusta H. Brewer Certificate of Merit
    (Award Y-1)

    The Augusta H. Brewer Award and $100.00, sponsored by James Pavelka, to the Overall Winner member club sponsor of a youth club which has been most successful in promoting all phases of garden club work with youth.

  • Horticulture Achievement by a Junior and/or Intermediate Garden Club
    (Award Y-2)

    The Hessie Thomson Morrah Award and $100.00 for the Overall Winner (the member garden club sponsor) of a Youth Garden Club for outstanding horticulture activity.

  • High School Gardeners Accomplishment
    (Award Y-3)

    The Carrie Buhrman Nettleton Award and $100.00 to the member garden club sponsor of a High School Gardeners Club that has carried out the best all-around gardening project.

  • Youth Environmental Concern Award
    (Award Y-4)

    The Winifred F. Fink Award and $100.00 sponsored by the Garden Club of Ohio, Inc., for the Overall Winner to the member club garden sponsor of a youth garden club, for the most outstanding project in the field of environmental concern, e.g. horticulture, landscaping, anti-litter, restoration, conservation, other.

  • Youth Horticulture Award
    (Award Y-5)

    A Certificate of Merit and $100.00, sponsored by Wisconsin Garden Club Federation, to the Overall Winner, a member club garden sponsor of a youth garden club, for the most significant effort in planting and growing horticulture in an outdoor area. Participants may seek advice from any source, but must do the actual gardening themselves.

  • High School Distinguished Service Project
    (Award Y-6)

    A Certificate of Merit and $100.00 for first place, and $50.00 for second place to a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, grades 9-12, for an outstanding civic project making a significant improvement for public benefit, eg. environment, conservation, landscape, horticulture, recycling, horticulture therapy, others.

Youth Related and Adults Working With Youth

  • Youth Horticulture Education
    (Award YR-1)

    The Helen Hussey Champlin Award, A Certificate of Merit and $100.00 for the best promotion of gardening among youth.

  • Environmental Education
    (Award YR-2)

    The Jesse M. Conner Award and $100.00, sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. for the most outstanding project in the field of environmental education involving youth.

  • Youth Leadership Award
    (Award YR-3)

    The Mary Louise Michie Award and $100.00, sponsored by the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., to an individual who has given outstanding service to youth as a leader of a Youth Garden Club in any grade category through high school.


For questions concerning awards, contact:
Tricia Mitchell, Chairman: NGC Youth Awards & Grants