2018 Award of Excellence Winners Announced

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#23 Award of Excellence

#23 Award of Excellence is the highest award of National Garden Clubs presented to a non-member of NGC and sponsored by a State Garden Club Organization / Federation. It may be awarded to an individual, organization, or institution that has made a significant contribution toward the advancement of goals and purposes of National Garden Clubs. A maximum of three (3) NGC Awards of Excellence #23 may be awarded per year. The application for an NGC Award of Excellence may be obtained from the NGC website or the Award of Excellence Chairman. States may submit only one application annually.

The application is limited to six (6) printed pages, front of pages only:

  • Page 1. NGC Award of Excellence Application Form – found on NGC website,
  • Page 2. Summary of applicant's qualifications
  • Page 3. Maximum of four (4) pages of text and photos/photocopies to cover all requirements in award description and Scale of Points for achievement, participation and record; no binders, vinyl sheet protectors or staples.

Presentation: 5%
Achievement and Scope of Accomplishment: 50%
Advancement of NGC's Goals: 35%
Supporting Data: 10%
Total: 100%

Please read through the instructions before making an application.

#24 Award of Excellence for State Garden Clubs

A State Garden Club Organization / Federation may apply for the Award of Excellence for an outstanding project with participation by state garden clubs encouraged. A monetary award of five hundred dollars ($500) will be given to the winner from each membership size division. A maximum of four (4) NGC Awards of Excellence #24 may be awarded per year. If there are no applicants in one membership size division that award may be given to another outstanding applicant in another membership size division. States will be divided into four (4) size divisions, according to membership numbers.
     a.  Membership up to 999
     b.  Membership from 1,000 to 2,999
     c.  Membership from 3,000 to 7,999
     d.  Membership over 8,000

#25 Award of Excellence for Regions

One Certificate of Merit and $500 may be awarded for distinguished work in a Region for coordinated activity in accordance with the programs and objectives of NGC in which all states in the Region have participated. A region may apply in the second year of an Administration.

Presentation: 5%
Outstanding, Unusual or Distinctive Project: 60%
Advancement of NGC's Goals: 25%
Supporting Data: 10%
Total: 100%

Please read through the instructions before making an application.

Award Application


All applications must be received by the NGC Award of Excellence Chairman by January 1. The winners selected by the Award of Excellence Committee shall be approved at the Winter Executive Committee Meeting.

E-mail applications to NGC Award of Excellence Chairman: Donna Rouch