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2016 Award Winners

Awards Banquet 87th Annual Convention
Grand Rapids, Michigan - May 6, 2016

NGC Announces 2016 Award of Excellence Winners

ST. LOUIS (May 9, 2016) — National Garden Clubs Inc., one of the nation’s most-recognized nonprofits and largest volunteer gardening organization in the world, recently announced the winners for 2016 of its highest honor: the Award of Excellence. The winners, who were recognized at NGC’s 87th annual convention in Grand Rapids, MI., include Joy Bossi, noted gardening author and host of a popular radio show on gardening in Salt Lake City, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, a botanical garden and outdoor sculpture park in Grand Rapids, MI and George Weigel, award-winning garden writer, author, designer and lecturer.

Click here to read the full article with more information about our 2016 AOE Winners.

NGC 2015 Award of Excellence Winner Joy Bossi Photo by Lee Lonsberry

Joy Bossi
Radio Host
Gardening Instructor

NGC 2015 Award of Excellence Winner Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park Photo by William J. Hebert

Frederik Meijer Gardens
Botanic & Sculpture Garden
Grand Rapids, MI

NGC 2015 Award of Excellence Winner George Weigel Photo by Michael Fernandez, PA Media Group

George Weigel
Certified Horticulturist

Awards Overview

The following is an abbreviated listing of the awards for 2015-2017. Click here to jump to the Awards List web page for the complete list with more details and descriptions.

Awards of Excellence

  • Award of Excellence
  • Award of Excellence for State Garden Clubs
  • Award of Excellence for Regions

Civic Achievement

  • Civic Achievement
  • Garden Center Achievement
  • Special Civic Achievement

Conservation & Environment

  • Conservation
  • Roadside Beautification
  • Litter/Recycling/Reclamation
  • Conservation Education
  • Bird Protection
  • Butterfly

Historic Preservation & Historic or Memorial Gardens

  • Historic Preservation
  • Decoration of Historic Building


  • Horticultural Achievement

Horticulture Therapy & Garden Therapy

  • Horticulture Therapy
  • World Gardening
  • Horticulture Therapy Garden Project

Landscaping & Landscape Design

  • Landscape Design Education
  • Landscape Design for Church Gardens
  • Blue Star Memorial Landscaping Certificates of Merit
  • Landscape Design Consultants
  • Community Landscape Design
  • Landscape Design

Non-Competitive Awards

  • Life Membership Award
  • Membership
  • The National Gardener Award

Operation Wildflower Awards

  • The Roadside Award
  • The Civic Projects with Native Plants Award
  • Outdoor Classrooms, Nature Trails


  • Radio and/or TV
  • Publicity Press Book
  • National Garden Week
  • Website
  • Video/CD/DVD

Publication Awards

  • Literary Horticultural Interest
  • Publications I
  • Publications II

Service & Recognition Awards

  • Award of Distinguished Service
  • Citation for Distinguished Service
  • Member Award of Honor
  • Presidential Citations

Vision of Beauty Calendar

  • Calendar Flower Arranger of the Year


For questions concerning awards, contact:
Mary Ann Ferguson-Rich, Chairman: NGC Awards