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  • 86th Annual Convention 2015 in Louisville, KY

    NGC celebrates it's 86th annual convention in May 2015, Louisville, Kentucky Posted December 9, 2014 - Join us May 12-18, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky for the running of National Garden Clubs' 86th Annual Convention! Our location this year is the Louisville Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel and our time will be filled with meetings, speaker events, seminars and tours.

    Our featured speakers will include Dr. Paul Cappiello, Executive Director of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, which is considered to be one of America's most unique gardens. Tours will include excursions to Churchill Downs, Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, and other legendary Louisville attractions and landmarks.

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  • New! Ecology Warriors Workbook

    Ecology Warriors Workbook from National Garden Clubs, Inc.October 2014 - The Environmental Concerns and Conservation Committee of National Garden Clubs, Inc. announces the publication of the new "Ecology Warriors Workbook".

    Open new doors for in-depth creative learning and educational opportunities centered on the natural resources of planet earth: our air, water, forest, land and wildlife.

    Remember, you can Make a World of Difference through the choices you make for the conservation and preservation of our natural resources. Click here to learn more.

  • New Partnership and Project with AMES Garden Tools

    August 2014 - Elaine Gunderson, Pacific Regional Director and NGC AMES Chairman is pleased to announce NGC's newest project partnership with The AMES Companies, Inc. You may recognize the AMES name as one of the most prominent brands in the gardening and landscaping business, as they have been providing quality equipment and tools since 1774!

    We have arranged a new project thanks to the support and participation of The AMES Companies, Inc. which will run from October 2014 through October 2015. By participating in this new project, garden clubs may be eligible to share in an award of free garden tools that are necessary as part of the work.

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  • Making a World of Difference with Habitat for Humanity

    July 2014 - Florida Federation of Garden Club members of the Consultants Councils support their Tri-Council project "Make a Difference in the World by Gardening and Landscaping with Environmental Concern". NGC Schools' graduates taught a productive Landscape Maintenance seminar to emphasize efficient watering techniques for 18 new Habitat for Humanity homeowners. As part of the seminar, each homeowner received a 100 foot roll of new hose along with a new hose reel. This generous gift of gardening equipment was made possible and provided by a grant from Ames Tools, NGC's newest corporate partner.

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  • NGC Announces 2014 Award of Excellence Winners

    National Garden Clubs Inc. announces the winners of its highest honor: the 2014 Award of Excellence. The winners who were announced at NGC's annual convention, include Dr. Waddell Barnes of Macon, Ga., and Judith Seydel of Idaho Falls, Idaho. NGC is recognized as the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world.

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  • 2014 Awards Banquet Presentation and Winners

    Presentations were made at the 85th Annual Convention in Norman, Oklahoma with the theme "Black Gold & Red Earth". Congratulations to all for outstanding applications!

    The awards presented during this 85th convention of National Garden Clubs are for entries that reflect projects/activities that occurred in 2013. Exceptions are noted. A project may be new or continued. Yearbooks and Press Books were judged on the state and regional levels. Each region selected First Place winners in each category to be awarded NGC certificates.

  • 2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

    Presentations were made at the 85th Annual Convention in Norman, Oklahoma with the theme "Black Gold & Red Earth". Congratulations to our winners and best wishes for your future education!

  • New! NGC Membership Photography Contest!

    The NGC Membership Committee would like to see the essence of NGC Membership portrayed through your photos with captions. What does NGC Membership mean to you and your State or Local Club? Give it some thought and take some pictures that best convey the idea of NGC Membership. Then, join in the photo contest! Entries must be submitted electronically and must be received by March 15, 2015. Click here for more information and rules.

  • Blue Star Memorial Installations Coast-to-Coast!

    The Blue Star Memorial Program honors service men and women.

    This program began with the planting of 8,000 Dogwood trees by the New Jersey Council of Garden Clubs in 1944 as a living memorial to veterans of World War II. In 1945, the National Council of State Garden Clubs adopted the program and began a Blue Star Highway system, which covers thousands of miles across the Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. A large metal Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker is placed at appropriate locations along the way. Read more...