Canceled: 91st Annual Convention May 12 - 16, 2020 — Milwaukee, WI

Canceled: Perfect Vision 2020

Due to the world-wide Covid-19 outbreaks, our country and world are changing on an hour to hour basis. After several weeks of difficult, but necessary decisions for National Garden Clubs, Inc. I am reporting that the NGC Executive Committee voted yesterday, March 17, 2020 to cancel the 2020 Perfect Vision Annual Convention, May 12 – 15, 2020, hosted by the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation.

After many conversations with Michelle Eggert, Conference Direct Representative and Kitty Larkin, Convention Chairman, the decision was made to cancel our contract with the hotel, therefore cancelling the convention. This decision was not taken lightly, nor without hours of thought and consideration for the well-being of not only our members, but our organization. The safety and health of NGC members would be jeopardized if this meeting were to take place as presently scheduled. Plus with increased CDC mandates, the Potawatomi Hotel is being forced to close, indefinitely.

With the cancellation of the convention, the hotel has agreed to automatically cancel current hotel reservations within the NGC room block. Full convention registration fees will be refunded in a timely manner. All NGC hotel deposits are to be refunded to NGC by the Potawatomi Hotel without loss. Clubs and individual members who gave so generously to promote this convention, will have their donations returned. We ask that you be patient with our Headquarters staff, who is handling all of our financial obligations for this meeting.

We are grateful to all garden club members who have worked tirelessly, generous with both their time and talent to organize this convention. A very special thank you to the Wisconsin Garden Federation members who have created this outstanding convention.

In closing, I want to remind our members to look to our future. As garden club members, we are strong, committed and dedicated to NGC and our world. This historic National emergency is causing us to step back, slow down and reorganize activities within our homes, communities and volunteer efforts. Let’s be positive and receptive to new technologies, in continuing to grow as garden club members.

Gay L. Austin
President 2019-2021
National Garden Clubs, Inc.